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Conference program

Our workshops will be held on  23 May 2019 @ AMERON Hotel ABION Spreebogen Berlin

Conference program on 24 May 2019, 09:00 – 17:30
@ The Bolle Festsäle Berlin

Welcome & Conference Opening


Steve Warren


Christian Sauer

Christian Sauer
Founder & Board Member


6 Ways Raw Data can bring New Business Value to Existing Solutions through New Possibilities

  • Key strategic and operational advantages in using raw data
  • How to go radically beyond limitations of existing analytics solution
  • Applying raw data reactively and proactively to organizations

Piotr Birketoft

Piotr Birketoft
Senior Digital Analytics Specialist
MAVA Denmark

Game Changer AI – How Smart Data, Algorithmics and Automation rule Digital Marketing

  • AI for Performance and Customer Journey Marketing
  • AIoT: Connected Marketing in AI driven IoT
  • AI beyond the GAFA World

Peter Gentsch

Peter Gentsch
Professor of International Business Administration
University of Applied Science and Digital Marketing, DATAlovers

B2B Customer Journey: From “User-Centric” to “Company-Centric”

  • How can we measure the advancement of digitalization in a steel company? Which KPIs are the most important?
  • How is it possible to set up website tracking that connects website data with a pre-existing database?
  • Practical Examples: Customer Lifetime Value and Marketing Attribution Models that are company-based instead of user-based.

Dr. Elena Ossella De Filippo
Teamlead Digital Reporting
Kloeckner.i GmbH

Predictably Outperforming – How to win the Digital Content Race in an Age of Machine Learning

  • Learn why it is crucial to develop digital content that is tailored to customer search intent
  • See how search data is now more than ever a reliable indication of what people want, what topics they are interested in and how interested they are in buying
  • Get insights into how this can lead to new market opportunities for businesses

Volker Smid

Volker Smid

How to successfully integrate data sources and visualize KPIs using Live Data Dashboards

  • What a company-wide Live Data Dashboard consists of
  • How to easily and effectively choose data priorities
  • How to recognise and asses patterns and anomalies in your data

Jonas Rashedi
Head of Data Intelligence & Technologies

ROI-driven Content Marketing

  • Learn what ROI-driven content marketing is all about
  • Check out Crispy Content’s approach to ROI-driven digital marketing
  • Get insights into performance-orientated content marketing methods
Crispy Content

Gerrit Grunert

Gerrit Grunert
Founder and CEO
Crispy Content

From 100 to 1! The Art of Centralizing 100 Individual Accounts into 1 Global Account

  • Learn about Porsche’s challenges to centralize 100 individual accounts into 1 global account
  • How Porsche puts multi-national, brand and application reporting into practice
  • See how Porsche handles 20 countries, 7 applications per week, 6 brand accounts per country, 3 development teams with only 1.5 Web Analysts
Porsche Holding


Bernhard Richter
Digital Project Manager

Isabella Schlager
Project Manager Digital Business

Porsche Holding

Rethinking Attribution Models with Webtrekk’s Customer Journey Analysis

  • Marketing budget optimization through dynamic touchpoint tracking
  • Custom metrics for an optimal customer journey display
  • Campaign-specific tracking with full raw data

Frank Piels

Frank Piels
Customer Journey Expert

Merging customer acquisition and retention: Make informed decisions throughout the entire customer journey

  • Brands have to fight for repeat business harder now than ever. Get insights into how re-acquisition tactics can be hugely optimized via use of data generated from lower-funnel activities such as purchases, product use and customer inquiries.
  • Learn how brands can utilize their CRM insights to retain direct customer access and simultaneously gain a competitive advantage.
  • Discover how to stay on top of consumer demands and prevent churn.

Markus Wübben

Dr. Markus Wübben
Co-Founder & CDO

The cost of producing bad data: what it takes to build a good data culture

  • How to avoid a “data junk drawer” through sustainable and carefully selected tracking
  • How fast-moving companies can ensure reliable tracking that’s resistant to changes and release cycles
  • Why building reliability and relevance for analytics requires discipline and thoughtfulness

Stefania Olafsdottir

Stefanía Ólafsdóttir
CEO & Co-Founder

Multitouch Attribution and Data-Driven Marketing at Flixbus

  • How data is collected, analyzed and activated throughout all channels
  • How data-driven Marketing management works via multitouch attribution
  • How Flixbus uses ROI-driven resources for every marketing channel

Kristina Lesch
Senior Marketing Intelligence Manager

DATA LOVER Expert Panel

  • Are you facing the challenge of how to effectively use data?
    Then you should get inspired by our first-class Expert Panel who will discuss the latest data trends live on stage.
  • Other topics will be marketing analytics, reporting standards and business intelligence.
  • With this panel lineup you’re guaranteed to get fresh perspectives and unconventional solutions for your daily data challenges.

Michael DiestelbergMartin Sinner

Matthias Bettag






Michael Diestelberg – Vice President Product & Marketing, Webtrekk
Martin Sinner – Serial Entrepreneur u.a. Idealo
Jasper Sasse – Managing Director, XAD spotteffects
Matthias Bettag – Senior Data Strategist, ODOSCOPE
Marc Preusche – Founder & Managing Director, LEROI Consulting


Start-up Contest – Award Ceremony

Awarding the winner of Webtrekk’s Start-up Contest

The Webtrekk Start-Up Contest provides selected start-ups with free usage of our well-established platform. The contest is aimed at any start-up that is digital, has a web-based offer and has been in business for less than four years.

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