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Bernhard RichterIsabella Schlager

Bernhard Richter & Isabella Schlager

Porsche Holding

Presentation title

From 100 to 1! The art of centralizing 100 individual accounts into 1 global account.

About the presentation

  • Learn about Porsche’s challenges to centralize 100 individual accounts into 1 global account
  • How Porsche realises a cross country, brand and application reporting
  • See how Porsche handles 20 countries, 7 applications per week, 6 brand accounts per country, 3 development teams with only 1,5 Web Analysts.

About Bernhard & Isabella

Bernhard and Isabella are working for Porsche Holding since 2015. They are responsible for Porsche’s company-wide web analytics incl. the introduction of the Webtrekk tool. They are both working on global solutions in web analytics, tag-management, A/B testing and user experience management. They are implementing global tracking and reporting dashboards to measure the success of products and communication actions.

Be there and get some first-hand information about Webtrekk’s capability to combine different accounts into one reporting.

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