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Stefania OlafsdottirStefanía Ólafsdottír

Avo CEO & Cofounder


Presentation title

The cost of producing bad data: what it takes to build a good data culture

About the presentation

  • How to avoid a “data junk drawer” through sustainable and carefully selected tracking
  • How fast-moving companies can ensure reliable tracking that’s resistant to changes and release cycles
  • Why building reliability and relevance for analytics requires discipline and thoughtfulness



About Stefanía

Stefania Olafsdóttir, co-founded Avo and has a vast experience in the data world, being one of the builders and Head of Data Science at the Icelandic startup QuizUp. The QuizUp mobile trivia game reached around 100 million users around the world and the company was later acquired by the US gaming company Glu Mobile. Stefanía‘s work led her to dive deeper into the data-driven culture and she co-founded Avo, which helps companies make their data valuable, while reducing implentation efforts.

Stefania can also be found on the Forbes list of 100 Women Founders in Europe to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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