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The Hidden Champions in Webtrekk

[Workshop in English]

Thursday, 23 May 2019, 13:30-15:30 @ AMERON Hotel ABION Spreebogen Berlin


At a glance

Our Webtrekk Training Team will run through Webtrekk Analytics basic and core functionalities. In addition, they will take you through the most common mistakes made with the Webtrekk platform. Their focus is to teach you how to use the interface, the analytics and the reporting area correctly. There will be practical exercises where you can train your newly learned knowledge.

Who should attend?

Everyone who is new to working with Webtrekk or who needs to refresh their knowledge of Webtrekk.

Workshop presenters

Florian Richter




Florian Richter
Director Implementation & Client Training, Webtrekk
Florian is Head of the Training Department at Webtrekk. In his career he worked as Key-Account Manager and Training implementing a tremendous number of workshops and training.

Robert Prüfer
Digital Analytics Trainer

Robert is a Digital Analytics Trainer at Webtrekk. He is focused on enabling and empowering customers to use the full power of Webtrekk. His trainings cover everything from introduction training for beginners to advanced and expert topics.

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