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Tracking made easy: Smart Pixel

[Workshop in English]

Thursday, 23 May 2019, 13:30-15:30 @ AMERON Hotel ABION Spreebogen Berlin

At a glance

The basis for web analysis with Webtrekk is the Pixel. In order to use Webtrekk, it is necessary to add Webtrekk code to your website. Since modern web applications don’t follow the same practice, Webtrekk developed the Smart Pixel – a standalone tracking script optimized for manual implementation and common libraries and frameworks. In this workshop we’ll show you the benefits of the Smart Pixel and how to simply integrate it into your website.

Who should attend?

Web Developers or anyone who is responsible for technical integrations.

Workshop presenters

Thomas Kalinna




Thomas Kalinna
Senior Technical Consultant, Webtrekk

Thomas is a service orientated Senior Technical Consultant. His primary goal is customer satisfaction. Taking the motto: “Can’t be done – there’s no such thing,” he completed numerous projects when the demands were too complex and impossible to meet using “standard” functionalities.

This is going to be great! Be there!